10 Hair Care Tips by L’Oréal Paris to Look Like a Model

It does not matter if you have wavy hair, straight hair, dry hair or any type of hair – certain hair care tips are universal. While most people undergo a lot of painstaking to keep their hair healthy, basic care if done right can help you achieve your goal.

The experts at L’Oréal share their secrets to the world after thorough research and tests. Women face a lot of problem taking care of their beauty, especially their hair. Our busy routine and hectic lifestyle barely allow us to take care of our beauty.

Following these simple hair care tips during our daily life can help lift our personality and also keep our hair healthy longer. This is the reason we are sharing the best hair care and hair styling tips anyone can adopt. Follow them daily and you will notice a rapid (but positive) change in your hair.

Tip #1: Wash with Lukewarm Water

A hot shower in the winter or a cold shower after being exposed to the blistering heat in the summer are really relaxing. But if you are being true to yourself, they aren’t worth it. The extremity of water actually strips the essential oils from your hair. This is the reason you feel them drier and duller after a shower. Lukewarm water will get your skin clean in the shower and also be gentle on your hair. Remember, your hair are also alive just like the rest of your body and they need proper care too.

Tip #2: Use Your Conditioner Correctly

Everyone knows it is important to use a conditioner. Are you sure you know the correct way to use it? Where do you think your hair gets greasy first? Obviously, it starts at the roots and then goes all the way to the tips. Do not apply it to the roots instead, always start applying from mid lengths to the tips. Conditioner on the roots can weigh down your hair giving them a lanky look. Try spreading the conditioner in your hair with a wide toothed comb to avoid breakage.

Tip #3: Shampoo is Best Suited for Scalp

As conditioner is focused on the lengths and ends of hair, shampoo is made for the roots and the scalp according to American Academy of Dermatology. Make sure you use enough shampoo to reach the scalp. If it remains dry, hair can lose their luster and will appear dull and dry. The scalp is a skin area that holds the hair roots and constantly sheds dead skin cells. It needs proper cleansing so when you use shampoo it washes the scalp and focuses on the roots as well.

Tip #4: Rinse Thoroughly

When you are almost done with showering, don’t just rush outside. Make sure you haven’t left even a drop of shampoo in your hair. The residue can create a buildup in your hair and cause problems. Many people have suffered hair loss or experienced itching. Itching is not always due to lice but also because of not rinsing your hair thoroughly.

Tip #5: Towels are Bad

A towel is the obvious choice to squeeze out excessive water from the hairs. It is certainly not the best choice because it shakes your hair to the roots. The roots become weak and regular use of towel results in hair fall. A better alternative is a cotton t-shirt which is soft and also absorbs plenty of water just like a towel.

Tip #6: Brush with a Hair Dryer

Admit it, most of us aren’t a pro with a hair dryer. It is obvious those lengths can be hard to tone into shape with all that flying hair. Add a hair brush to the process and you can control the direction of your hair more easily. Try to pull your hair straight with the brush for better results. Try moving from roots to the ends to avoid unwanted waves and frizz.

Tip #7: Apply Protection Before Heat Styling

You look gorgeous after straightening your hair with a hair dryer or heat styling. Note that excessive use can do permanent damage to your hair. We aren’t implying you part with your styling accessories completely.  Just make one small adjustment to use a heat protectant before using your hot tools on your hair. There are many protectants you can buy according to your hair type.

Tip #8: Use Hot Tools Only on Dry Hair

What happens to a drop of water poured in a hot pan? The water your wet hair experiences the same when you use hot tools without drying. While most people think it saves time and effort, we are totally against it! Your hair become dull because at that moment not only the water is getting fried but also the essential oils in your hair. It is well worth the wait to let your hair dry completely and then proceed with the hot tools.

Tip #9: Change Your Part

Sometimes even the commonest hair care can do wonders, and even change your look completely. Experience a fuller look by simply changing the side you do your hair. You will notice the roots now have more lift and your head looks fuller. Even your looks can change completely and when you step inside the office people will not resist noticing it. It is healthy for your hair to experience change from time to time. The roots stay stronger and you’ll look younger much longer.

Tip #10: Take a Break from Ponytails

Undoubtedly ponytails are a classic. It is so convenient to pull all your hair back and tie them tightly so that your hair does not distract you while working. Think about it, pulling creates tension and when you strain your hair on daily basis, the roots start losing their strength. This is one of the greatest reasons why people with ponytails have a bigger forehead. For all the hero moms out there we recommend to consider it right from the start. Be gentle on your princesses and let their hair relax as often as possible.

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