Wang Shangkun made headlines in 2012 for selling a kidney in the black market to purchase the then latest iPhone 4 and iPad 2. It was then revealed he was paid RMB 22,000 which was equal to £ 2,520 at that time for selling his kidney. At the time of illegal sale, he was only 17 years old and had done so without consulting his parents.

Kidney donors require a high level of care and rest after the operation. But Wang Shangkun was too busy making the purchases he dreamt of. In a short time, he developed a severe infection in his remaining kidney and experienced decrease in its functionality. He now only lives to regret his decision as his remaining kidney has stopped functioning. Sadly, he is now bedridden and can only hope for a kidney transplant.

Wang Shangkun boy sells kidney for new iphone

Now still at the young age of 25, he spends his days lying in bed and relies on dialysis. It is the only thing keeping him alive for now and he desperately needs a donor. Over the years he developed renal deficiency as a result of unsanitary operation and lack of proper care post operation. His stunt has caused him his life and now he regrets his decision.

When news broke about his operation, it caused a sensation over the internet and media all over the planet. The police contacted him and soon nine people involved in the heinous crime were arrested and jailed by the local police. Five including the surgeons who operated on him illegally as conducting an operation on a minor without the consent of a guardian is a criminal offence.

Moreover, after a legal trial and due to the media coverage internationally, his family was compensated with RMB 1.47 million which equals to £ 168,000. Although the family received the compensation legally but being a poor family, they could not provide proper medical care to their child. Overtime Wang Shangkun was losing his only remaining kidney and there was nothing much he anyone could do about it.

Wang Shangkun boy sells kidney for new iphone

Now when contacted, Wang Shangkun says he regrets his decision and can now only cry over spilled milk. Being a teenager who only wanted to show off his iPhone to his friends, says he made the greatest mistake of his life. He comes from a poor family also situated in one of China’s poorest provinces Anhui. His short-lived fame in 2012 has now brought him in the limelight once again and still for the wrong reasons.

As he could not find any legal means to make money to buy an iPhone, he turned to the black market. He could only dream of owning the then latest iPhone to boast it among friends and school. Now neither his iPhone nor his friends can save him and he cries unconsolably praying for a kidney. There are no reports of being able to find a donor yet and without a properly functioning kidney his days are numbered.

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