Officials from the UAE and participants of foreign countries have approached the International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE), an intergovernmental organization with the request of postponing the Dubai Expo 2020 for at least one year. BIE will now contact member states and organizers of the event to consider revising the dates within the legal framework. As per the law of the country, BIE General Assembly holds complete authority to make a final decision on the plea forwarded.

Article 28 of the constitution of the Agreement of the International Bureau of Exhibitions states: “any amendments (to the dates once announced publicly) will require a vote by the member states.” To attain the approval a two-thirds majority of votes must be cast in favor of the change.
Organizers of Dubai Expo 2020 assured the Government to work hand in hand with international partners and deliver an Expo that holds true to its founding purpose. However, the current global COVID-19 challenge holds a greater need of solidarity and harmony among the nations. A global event like the Expo 2020 is now needed more than ever.

Global Challenge for Dubai Expo 2020

This year’s expo was planned to be the biggest, most extravagant and unforgettable event of the century. Preparations were made and plans were being enhanced to ensure everything is beyond the expectations of the attendees. It seems nature had other plans decided before the event could be launched. The world is now gripped in a situation without any solution.

Corona Virus took over the world unexpected and unprepared. It struck not only individuals, but nations without distinguishing the rich or poor, male or female, child or adult, healthy or sick. Originating from Wuhan, a city of China, it spread rapidly and affected everyone that came into its grasp. Thousands of people have died already and many thousands are affected and in quarantine.

As of date no antidote has been found and scientists are perplexed about it. Some say heat can kill the virus but still it is a myth. The world never awaited the summer anxiously before and if the sun’s heat does manage to rid the earth of this virus the epidemic will be remembered a long time in history.

Delay Necessary But at a High Cost

It is evident that under the current circumstances no office is suitable to work in. The air around us seems polluted and stepping outside is a huge risk. An event like Dubai Expo 2020 requires lots of paperwork and lots of manpower. Even if the authorities allow the stakeholders to continue with their plans, where are they going to get the people to work?

Companies participating in the expo had plans ahead and it was estimated the event alone would open doors for 2 million new jobs. Jobseekers from all over the world were eyeing it as an opportunity to get a job in Dubai. The delay will not only harm the plans of companies, but also that of individuals in hope of coming to the land of promises and prosperity.

All we can do now is hope for things to get better soon or else the human race would become an endangered species. Many important people have lost their lives to the unknown virus. The entire world is locked and people are holed in their homes willingly or unwillingly. Keeping in view of the current situation, it is evident the Dubai Expo 2020 will be postponed until next year.

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