Hyundai teases the world with the release of an image of the all new Hyundai Santa Fe 2021. The image comes unexpected because the release date is nowhere near. We can make a guess that because of the Corona Virus mass gatherings are restricted, the company decided to release an image online.

Looking at the teaser image, we can speculate that it is only a facelift of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2020. The Korean automakers have decided to give the current SUV a modern and sporty look. It is unclear if there will be any changes to the interior or under the hood.

As of now we can praise the end to end stretched and redesigned grille. One thing that is remarkable is the replacement of the headlights. Buyers will now get a rather unique T-shaped LED lights that can stay on during the daytime without causing any disturbance on the road.

Hyundai fans can be sure now that the company is ready to take its vehicles into the future. The Hyundai Santa Fe 2021 is not only a facelift offered by the company. It is the beginning of the making of future shaped cars with sleek designs and modern technology.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2020 vs Santa Fe 2021

Considering the teaser image, we are sure the back of the SUV will come with a complete new look. It won’t be just a facelift but will stun you with some major changes. Now that the images have started coming online, we are hopeful a release date will be announced soon.

The domestic market i.e. Korea is expected to get the vehicle launched first. Europe is expected to get their hands on the SUV this September. The U.S and Middle East market will have the vehicle ready to buy and enjoy the ride at the end of the year. However these are simply our guess and the company will decide the best time to launch.

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